The latest gold mines in Ghana is focused on low-cost gold and silver production and its 100% owned by The Him Global. We are an open gold and diamond miner with mines that produce massive gold and diamond for many years of a mine life.

The Him Global’s administration is comprised of an experienced team with strong skills across all areas of mine expansion, operations, investigation, acquirements and supporting of mining jobs and shares the purpose to build a mid-tier gold producer.

The Him Global is concentrated on working excellently and respectfully with our investors in the locality of the mines and improving the capability of the local societies in the area.

We provide an exceptional and high-quality investment prospect with direct coverage of diamonds.

Stones and Metals

Mining of stones and metal has been a human action since pre-historic times. Recent mining methods include searching for rock bodies, an inquiry of the profit potential of a suggested mine, extraction of the chosen ingredients, and final renovation of the land after the mine is closed.

Our Miners

With a great progress profile, an industry-leading team and one of the world’s largest diamond resources, The Him Global provides an exceptional and high-quality investment prospect, providing direct coverage to diamonds. If you ever think to have mining services then The-Him Global will be a perfect choice.